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‘Stage B’

Negotiate with Contractors and specialists following receipt of their quotations.

- Sometimes the initial quotations are acceptable but more frequently it is necessary to negotiate further on behalf of clients. Also, the terms the contract may be the subject of negotiation.


- On behalf of clients I will liaise with all appropriate people and organisations including contractors, specialists, consultants, suppliers, Local Authority and statutory bodies etc. as required by the needs of the project and the clients.

Formal Contract.

- I will organise and chair a pre-contract meeting with clients and the main contractor, preparing draft contract and agenda in advance and updating later. Formalise all contract documentation.

Progress Meetings

- Arrange and document any necessary progress meetings as the project proceeds.


- I will deal with all project and contractual administration.

Customer care

- I will look after the clients best interests in all respects, at every stage of the project. (This is a major, on going task when carried out thoroughly and conscientiously)

Work inspections

- Cary out frequent work inspections and hold day to day site meetings to control methodology and quality control.

Cost control

- Exercise cost control at all stages of the project in conjunction with and on behalf of clients.


- I will check all quotations and accounts and negotiate any necessary adjustments on behalf of clients.

Record keeping

Maintain adequate records on file on behalf of clients.

‘In a nut shell,’ many clients, including the most able, often express the view that until they had the ‘Stage B’ experience they had not fully appreciated its value. Typically, during or following the process they express the view, “I just don’t know how people could manage without it - we just hadn’t appreciated all the work and detail that is involved.”